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Hollywood’s Richest: You’ll Never Guess Who The Highest Paid Actress Is!

It’s no secret that movie stars make “a lot” of money…but have you ever wondered just how much “a lot” actually is? It’s not uncommon to hear the media reporting on the massive salaries of male stars like Harrison Ford or Leonardo DiCaprio, but what about their amazing female counterparts? From fresh faces to household names, we’ve researched them all to bring you the top 32 highest paid actresses! Can you guess which one is worth $5 billion?

32. amy adams $35 million

Amy Adams landed her first notable role in the feature film Drop Dead Gorgeous. Since then she has starred in dozens of TV shows and movies from That ‘70s show, to Steven Spielberg’s Catch Me If You Can. Her latest role (and highest grossing release to date) came in 2016 as Louis Lane in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice!

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